What I learned from a year of non-consumption.

Photo Credit: PR Daily | photo of Edward Bernays

The story begins here.

In the early 1920s, a young man set up a Public Relations practice in a luxury suite at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel overlooking Central Park. Years earlier, he had enrolled in Cornell’s College of Agriculture upon the encouragement of his parents, well-off Manhattan city dwellers who believed fervently in the back-to-the-soil movement. Subsequently, he spent a few years drifting, writing for niche magazine, a short stint at NYC’s Produce Exchange, editing a journal with a friend, and finding some nascent success as a Broadway producer. [1]

Not until the outbreak of the first World War and his…

In times of tragedy, it is easy to be consumed by despair, anger, fear, cynicism, and even hate.

We ask ourselves the most basic questions. Why? What’s the point? What can be salvaged from senseless violence and ignorance?

Yet there is a point. And you get to decide what that point is. That is the fundamental power of the human experience.

We can be consumed by anger and fear, or feel all those things and still reach out to our community. We can isolate ourselves, or ask how someone else is doing, accept outreach and love from those around us…

Let’s talk about the money topics that matter most to you.

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Let’s talk about the new F-word 🙊

More taboo than sex, death, and politics.

Did you know…

More Americans would rather talk about sex and death than _____________?

Stronger finances underpin stronger relationships

Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

“Would you be more turned off by someone with a lot of debt or someone with a nonviolent felony record?”

Turns out that more people would be more turned off by someone saddled with debt than a partner that had a nonviolent felony, according to financial writer Beth Kobliner. [1]

For long term relationships, shared values tend to take center stage. The idea of sharing responsibility and direction of finances with your significant other feels important. …

Your personal finances questions answered in the Sunday Antidote newsletter

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Recently, I started a weekly column about personal finances as a way to answer questions from people taking my Personal Investing course and for those working on building financial independence.

A question I received from a reader that made me pause and reflect:

I left a well-paying job to take some time to explore. I left with savings, however I’m not planning on returning to a high-paying job in the near to medium future. How should I think about managing my finances and investing the money I have?​

In times as tumultuous as this pandemic year, many are experiencing pay…

Thriving in recession
Thriving in recession

This is for all the young people who feel like they’re staring into a dark abyss of a job market. And it’s for all those in their 20s and 30s who feel more financially stressed and at risk of losing their jobs, getting pay cuts or furloughed.

Having graduated in the 2008 Recession, I know what that stress and anxiety can feel like.

If it were a movie, it might look something like this.

  1. Graduate in a cluster of an economy 💥
  2. Move back home for the “time being” (until you find a job, or indefinitely…whichever comes sooner) 🛋️
  3. The…

Dear Class of 2020:

Having graduated in the 2008 Recession, I feel like we have a special bond: graduating in a global crisis. Though it’s nothing to brag about.

If it were a movie, it might look something like this.

  1. Graduate in a cluster of an economy 💥
  2. Move back home for the “time being” (until you find a job, or indefinitely…whichever comes sooner) 🛋️
  3. The initial joy of being back home with your parents, home-cooked meals, and Netflix binges 🎥 🍕eventually gives way the a hollow and anxious feeling: Now what?

These are the thoughts ran through my head back then:

Will I…

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Hi there, Kevin and Yaya here with our second installment in our series about legal topics entrepreneurs should be aware of.

In a year dominated with headlines about data compromise, trust, and privacy, we thought the topic of consumer data protection and how businesses should prepare would be timely to cover.

In the following article, we try to break the topic down in the clearest possible way so a business person can understand the legal situation without the legalese.

Yaya: California recently passed what some deem as a sweeping privacy and data protection bill to take effect in 2020. …

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

If you work in the gig economy as a contractor or freelancer, own a business that employs contractors, or serve as an independent consultant, you may have heard rumblings about the Dynamex case ruling issued by the California Supreme Court, and might be wondering what it actually means for you.

In this article, Kevin and I wanted to try to demystify the legal developments that have occurred around contractor classification, and cut through what they may mean for the key stakeholders involved. Here, we join our perspectives — Kevin’s, as a Deputy Attorney at the New Business Practicum at Berkeley…

Yaya Zhang

Own Your Future: Personal Investing (https://oyf.teachable.com/p/investing-fundamentals)

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