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Let’s talk about the money topics that matter most to you.

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Let’s talk about the new F-word 🙊

Source: [1] New York Post article, 2019

Goal Today: I hope we can have a candid dialogue about money & personal finance goals 🎯

What you’ll get out of our hour together 🤓

Let’s agree on why are we here today? 🤔

Why I’m here and what I have to share 🔆

Key principles: the “why” before the “how” 🔍

1. Pay yourself first

2. When it rains, it pours: Emergency Fund

3. Differentiate between short-term and long-term goals

4. Spend less than you earn

5. Develop a plan + stick with it

6. Identify a “Why” that you really connect to

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4 Foundations for Financial Well-being 💪🏾


Managing Debt & Loans

Credit score

Investing: getting your money to work for you ⛱️

Why should it matter to you?

What, How, & Where

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S&P 500 90-Year Historical Chart | Macro Trends

Poll: Does anyone want to guess how much more Friend 2 made by paying lower fees?

A few myths you won’t fall for 💡:

Poll: What percentage of professional investors outperform the markets over time? [2]


Q&A 🙋🏽

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